Celebrating 15 YEARS
of excellence service by MAURIBEL

Find out who we are, what we believe and why people choose us

Who we are

Our Management

Our Executive team comprising outstanding professional working in the different sections of the organisation together with a guarding team of 130+ employees.

Ben Buntipilly

Managing Director

Responsible for the smooth management of on-site, overseeing guards training and client relationship. Holding a long-standing experience in national law enforcement and public order, Ben also provides strategic advice to the Board of Directors. 

Reza Peerboccus

Executive Director

Overview the day to day activities of the company and manage the Administration & Finance section. Hold a rich experience in Customer Service and ISO compliance.

Yashdev Jeebun

Operations Manager / K-9 Trainer.

Monitor the daily duties of the team. Certify dog trainer by TACT K9, France.

Our Core Values


We walk extra miles for your safety.


To provide the best canine protection and Security service on the island to our clients through personalised service tailored to their specific needs. Our top priority is to deliver a SAFE & SECURE living environment to our stakeholders and the general public.


We are experienced and reliable and define our company as filled with values, which are commitment, experience, integrity, passion, trust, professionalism and self-respect and strive to provide our staff a satisfying and stimulating environment where merit and personal development can be found.

As a company providing canine security, we hold ourselves accountable for outstanding results and relationship between our clients, staff and partners. We deliver our services expertly through consistency and high level of commitment.

Why Us ?

MAURIBEL is the only reputable PRIVATE SECURITY PROVIDER on the Island providing TOTAL SECURITY SOLUTIONS; comprising of Man Guarding, professional DOG HANDLING SERVICE with World Class training support & facilities and latest technologies in its playing field.

MAURIBEL MANAGEMENT TEAM will strive and is dedicated in providing the most effective and value-for-money security solutions of international standard.

MAURIBEL is fully aware of the proven EFFICIENCY of well trained dogs in the security field and has invested heavily in the importation of such trained dogs of the finest working bloodlines in the World.

It is well known that STRONG and highly trained dog units (K9 teams) are an extremely good visual DETERRENT and can cut down on the manpower needed in static guarding alone. And it is also widely known in the industry that a well-trained Security Dog and its Handler can be as effective as 3 Security Guards.

The dogs of good breed and linage (German Shepherds & Malinois) are not only excellent deterrents but also with their heightened OLFACTORY SENSES, they are highly efficient in detecting outside intruders.

MAURIBEL will always propose the right COMBINATION of Security Guards, Dog Handling and technology on all its sites, which have not only proved to be highly effective but also reasonable in terms of costs.

MAURIBEL is fully INSURED including the Professional Indemnity (PI Cover) and Public Liability covers.